This year Jupiter transits in your 4th house up to October 2021 and in the 5th house thereafter. Saturn transits in the 4th house of your Rasi . This transit is otherwise called as ‘Arthashtama Shani’. This gives unfavorable effects. This is also called ‘Arththashtama Sani’. Ragu transits in your 8th house and Ketu transits in your 2nd house.

During the transit of Saturn, in the 4th house, you will have troubles and pressures from the Govt. your cattle will be destroyed. All your savings will be washed out. Some of you may have to desert your house and t leave your native town. Losing everything, you may go out of station. If you have ‘Maraga Dhasa’ in your horoscope, you may have life-threat also. Your immovable properties will go away from you. You may have enmity and separation from your wife. You may also have enmity with relatives. You will always be worrying by one or other reason. You may have deceases like, knee pain, joint pains and paralysis. Some of you may become lame by one leg. Some of you may have the troubles of dog-bites and bullock-hitting. Your wife and related women will fall in sickness.  You may suffer life -threats and poverty. All kinds of your comforts and your sleep wil go away. Your mind will always be thinking about evil things. Your respect in the society, dignity and social status will go. Some of you may wander without any house to dwell and without any food to eat. You may have troubles from your enemies and unwanted people. Your mind will always be troubling you for some reason or other. Your mind will always be afraiding that you may get some bad things. Your mind will always be having crooked thoughts and evil desires.  Thus Saturn gives all sorts of unfavorable effects during this transit. For women, Chances will arise that you may lose the favorable benefits by the transit Saturn in the third house. Due to the transit of Saturn to 4th house, unfavorable effects may start to trouble you slowly. During 2015 July, transit of Jupiter will give you favorable benefits. For one year from July 2015, you will manage the troubles due to the transit of Saturn, with the help of Jupiter. Your financial troubles will come down.  But after July 2016, you will face the unfavorable effects of Saturn severely. During this period, domestic harmony will disappear. Third person’s interference between husband and wife and their instigation will cause misunderstandings. This may even create separation from your spouse. So, avoid moving with new persons very closely and also avoid discussing your family matters with them. Otherwise, you may meet serious problems by them. Thus, this transit of Saturn in your 4th house will give you troubles more than 50% in your life.

For students, you have to face, confused state, and some unsatisfactory situations. Saturn is going to transit in your 4th house, which is your ‘education’ place; you will be affected by loss of memory and loss of interest in your studies. Further your parents will be worried about you. Some unsatisfactory conditions will prevail between you and to your teachers. Such an unfavorable condition will exist up to the end August of 2015. After that, these troubles will come down a little and you can have some favorable effects.  But before that, your efforts and your hard work will be ridiculed by some people. Thus you may feel disheartened and your name will be tarnished. So, you should develop faith on God and take efforts for anything continuously with self-confidence. Then only you can achieve your target. For politicians, this transit of Saturn will bring changes in your political life. There will not also be financial progress. The transit of Jupiter as ‘Jenma Guru’ will exist up to July 2015 and during this period; you will face many hurdles in your field. Your good name will be tarnished. So, you will have mental worries. You should also take due care in your health. But when Jupiter transits to the second house in the latter half of 2015, there may be some changes and the troubles of the transit of Saturn in the fourth house will come down. After that, your political career will go on smoothly. But now, up to the transit of Jupiter till July 2015, all your hard work and your sincerity and honesty will go in vain. Only your mental worries will increase. You should also behave carefully in your domestic affairs also. You may also have to bear damage to your dignity and incidents will happen to affect your self-prestige. Thus, this transit of transit will be unfavorable and reduce your peace of mind.

This year, Jupiter transits in the fourth place upto October 2021 and in the 5th place, thereafter. Upto oct 2021, Money which is expected by you will not come so easily. It will come so belatedly.  Sometimes it may not at all come.  Your expenditure will be double the amount of your income.  Money due to come to you will remain outside. You may not receive it in times of your need. Or it will not come back fully and come in installments which may not solve your problem. Your income may go away for repayment of loans and thus you may not allot the required amount for your family- requirements.  You may also spend your money for repayment of loans in installments. Money will go away from you for repayment of loans in the form of principal and interest. Or you may pay installments for the domestic goods which were purchased before. In this way, you may not have money in your hands for spending for essential needs of your family. Problems of loans which were hidden so far will now come to limelight and trouble you very much chasing away your peace of mind. . Your savings and investments may not help you now. By this way your honesty will be under suspicion. You may pledge the jewels also In this transit there is no ‘Gurupalam’.  Marriages may not materialize.  Fixed marriages also may be postponed. If marriages are conducted some problems and misunderstandings will develop.  So, better wait for taking up the marriage proposals. There will be differences of opinions between the husband and wife and quarrels cannot be avoided. Family-maintenance, family-expenditures and inadequate finance will create quarrels with the family members. Some of you may get the God’s gift of a child. For some, their children may give worries. Expenditures for them, education-expenditures may come. You may get worries with regard to your children’s harsh behavior, neglecting their important duties, lacking responsibilities and love affairs. You should avoid unnecessary arguments with anybody to avoid quarrels and the troubles thereby.  Your mind will be in a confused state. You may take wrong decisions. If you intrude in the matters of others it will give you trouble. You may also get troubles from your enemies and your competitors. You may have health problems in your gallbladder, liver and eyes. So, if you have the habit of ‘drinking’ and ‘drugs’ you should give up al least for this year. The health of your spouse may also give you some troubles. You should not give room for misunderstandings with your friends. Otherwise your friends will become enemies. Your business will be dull. Your financial transactions may not be good. Those who got loan from you will not repay the dues. But those who lent you money will chase you for repayment. During this period don’t give promises to anybody in the matters of money. You may not keep up the promises. You may not be in a position to fulfill the needs of your family members. Because of this, differences of opinions will come. You may have to put extra efforts to get success in your matters. You may not be in a position to help your friends and relatives who approach you for your help. So, they may mistake you and leave you. Some may have the troubles of loans. You may not get adequate income for repaying the loans. Your mind will always be worrying about this. You should avoid giving loans to those who don’t deserve and recommending loans for them from others. You should not send money to others through persons who are not known to you very well. You should take more care especially in the matters of money. Though your children may be in a good position, you may have to suffer to manage the expenditures relating to them. Some of you may find it very difficult to manage the expenditures of the function like marriage. If you give money to anybody in advance for the job opportunity for you or for your son/daughter the matter will not get success besides you may not get back the money Some of you who wrote Competitive Examinations in Banking and Railways will get good news. The students of Catering and Siddha Medicine and Physiotherapy will be benefited. Some of you working as Cooks in the Hotels will shine. Those who work in Cattle-farms will find a good time. Employed persons will have overwork in the offices.  You may get unexpected promotions. But your boss will not be happy about you. Some of you may be transferred to far-off places. Your colleagues will give you troubles indirectly. You can get money for your needs out of many efforts. You will face waste expenditures for your house and vehicle. Your social status may diminish. You may not get the help of your friends. Your father’s health may worry you. You may get troubles from the politicians and Govt. officers. There may be some hindrances and delays in the well-beings of your children. You may also forget the worship of your family-goddess. Some problems arise in your ancestral properties. Your intelligence will not help now. If you perform the worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy, you may not worry. Your troubles will be reduced to a greater extent Women may have to bear extra responsibilities for which you may struggle to fulfill. Your ill health may trouble you very much. Your family members will be often finding fault with you. Artists may get good chances but you may not be in a position to utilize them properly. New persons may come to help you but you should be extra careful with them

. After  October 2021  Jupiter transits  to your 5th house.  So far, you suffered due to mental agony, due to the transit of Jupiter in the 4th house. Now you are going to enjoy the transit of Jupiter in your favorable 5th house. You are going to get all sorts of benefits and the Jupiter is going to give all kinds of unexpected favors in this transit to you.  5th house is considered as a profitable   and lucky house. .

During this time He is going to see by His holy 5th aspect on your 9th house, 7th aspect to your 11th house and 9th aspect on your Rasi.  These three houses will be strengthened, by this transit of Jupiter. Though Saturn does not transit in a favorable house, this Jupiter’s transit will keep all of the unlucky happenings under control. You will get all well-beings. Your face will shine and your health will improve. Your talent, wisdom and your capabilities so far not known to the world will now come to light. Your words will change into actions. Your status will improve in the society. Some of you will get honorable positions, and respectable posts. You can keep up your promises. So, you will be identified as a trustworthy person. Your business and profession will improve. Some of you will start new ventures. Thus your income and your financial position will be good. Those who are working in the offices will enjoy a good period. Your talent will be appreciated by your boss. Workload will come down. Your colleagues will be co-operative. Those who are working in other places will be transferred back to their home towns. Some of you can get increase in their salary. You will move with all your relatives, friends and those who are around you affectionately and thus win over their hearts. You will fulfill the needs of your family members at the time of their needs. This attitude will make all your family members love you. Happiness and peace will come to your family. Students will get higher education and success in all of their efforts. They will score good marks in the examinations. Unemployed persons will get good jobs of their choice.  Unmarried persons will get married to good persons. Childless people will be blessed with a child.  Your children will get proper education and attain improvements in all the walks of their life. They will get good jobs, promotions in their jobs, and salary hike. They will also start new ventures. Some of you will continue the worship of their Family-Deity which was not taken care of so far. Some of you will get responsible posts and responsibilities in the temples. You will get the Dharshans of the Saints and monks and some will proceed on holy-trips. Some will involve themselves in building a temple. All the court cases so far troubling you will come to an end. The judgments will also be in your favor. Those who get punishments and penalties in the lower courts will be relieved of all the charges in the higher courts. Some will buy jewels and new dresses. Things lost by you, will be recovered now. You will get money from the expected corners. You will be recovered from all the diseases which were troubling you so far. Your financial position will improve.  All the waste expenditures will be controlled. The misunderstandings prevailing in the family will disappear. Your parents’ health will be under your care which will be recognized by them kindly. The relationship between the couple will be harmonious. Some will buy new vehicle. Agriculturists will be benefited by good harvest and profit by the cattle. All the medical expenditures will be reduced. The loans given by you to others remaining pending will now come back. Your enemies will fail in their efforts to trouble you. You will get loans easily for your business and building houses. Some will construct houses. The construction process so far stopped due to financial shortage will now be finished. Some will purchase land and house. Relatives will come to your house frequently and enhance the happiness in your family. Some will participate in the feasts and parties. You will succeed in all your efforts and activities.  All the problems so far troubling you will be solved. One of Jupiter’s three holy looks falls on your Rasi. By this your health and your mental courage will improve and your importance and the growth will increase. Another holy look falls on your ‘pithru -bakkiya ‘sthaman. By this way, your father’s health will improve. Your father’s growth, his income and comforts will increase. You will get your father’s help and support. Some of you will get the properties of your father. Donating to the poor and prayers will improve. Some of you will get the chance of going to foreign countries. The other holy look falls on your ‘profit’ house. You will get all sorts of profits from all corners. You will buy golden ornaments. Your elder brothers and sisters will improve and you will get their help and support. Unmarried women will get married to a good alliance. They will buy new dresses and ornaments and will have a happy time. Working women will shine well. They will get desired transfers and hike in their pay. If there have been any problems with your loved ones in the past, then you will work on sorting them out. You will receive enough support to get closer to your goals.  You will put in your best efforts in achieving your targets at work. This is the phase where you would like to pursue further education and add some values to your career now. You might become too demanding and this aspect may ruffle the feathers of others. Hence, be happy with what you have, and not expect too much from others. There may be lack of compassion, kindness, friendliness, and broadmindedness. Relationship at home should not be one sided. The ego of absolute power and authority may displease other members. Differences of opinion are an obvious thing and you should appreciate the need and desire of other members to avoid conflicting situation. Imposing discipline

Now we will see the effects of these transits OF Ragu and Ketu. Ragu in your 8th house will cause unexpected incidents. The incidents need not necessarily be sorrowful incidents. They will also be happy with some unexpected turning points in life. Ragu aspects your 10th house. By this, you will have to travel to other places in view of your business or your job. Some of you will change their dwelling places very often.  Some of you will shift their residence to new houses. Some will get the chance of getting unexpected properties. Some will get unexpected profit in speculations. But it may not be good to depend on those profits. Ragu will cause some unexpected incidents during travels. So, you have to be extra careful during travels. Avoid unlawful deeds, because you have to face police and court cases and punishments. Likewise, you are likely to face problems from the Income Tax authorities, if you are not maintaining your accounts matters correctly. You may lose your articles by way of thefts during travels. Those who are working in the Govt. offices may be caught in trouble, if you try to get bribes and you cannot avoid police-arrest. You may not get the support of your higher authorities. Those who are waiting for jobs abroad will get it. Some will undergo foreign trips. Those who stood as surety for others will have troubles. You may also lose your honesty, if you do not manage your income and expenditure levels properly. You will meet trouble, if you try to get things done in the search of a job, with the help of money. You will be cheated by others with whom you entrusted money for getting things done. Normally, you may face troubles of waste of money, aimless wanderings, troubles from the enemies, friendship with bad elements and defamation by women.

Now we will see the effects of the transit of Ketu. This is not a favorable period. You may face setbacks in financial matters. Your business will be dull. Your income will go down. You may not handle the financial matters successfully. You may struggle even to meet your daily domestic necessities. Though you get some income, expenses will be coming rushing behind and all your money on hand will go away. You will have enormous expenditures. You have to run after money for meeting the expenditures. So, you should try to wisely plan your expenditures. Students cannot shine in their studies. Their attention will get diverted. You have to struggle hard to get good marks in the examinations. Quarrels, misunderstandings and confusions will prevail in your family. You will enter into unwanted arguments with the family members and invite troubles. Due to want of money, you will not be in a position to fulfill even the justified expenses of your family members. Because of this, your family members will not be happy with you. The health of your spouse will be affected. Your health also may be affected. Unable to withstand the problems arising in the joint family, some will leave the house and opt for separate families. You cannot stand by your words and you cannot keep up your promises. Your social status will go down. Some of you will be disappointed. You may go on pilgrimage tours. Some may wander here and there. Ketu’s  aspect may affect the health of your mother. Some of you will have to spend more for repairing your house, vehicles, etc. you may also have unwanted quarrels with others .you may meet with accidents. You cannot concentrate on your business.  You will lose peace of mind. You cannot learn anything. Marriages proposed in your family will be delayed. You may get loans for meeting your expenditures and the loans will trouble you. Misunderstandings may develop with your parents. They may leave you and you will have to worry for it. Some of your relatives may also leave you. Your friends will also leave you. All your friends and relatives will become your enemies. Relationship with your spouse will be good but you have to maintain it very carefully. You should talk carefully with your spouse because even some casual talk may bring separation. New friendship may bring trouble. You cannot expect your relatives to help you. Problems will arise in your ancestral properties. Be careful with your new friends. Vedic

Remedies: Worship  Goddess Mahalakshmi on Fridays by garlanding with red roses as the transit of Ragu is not favorable. Clean the temple of Lord Vinayaka , as the transit of Ketu is not good.Worship Lord Saneeswaaran on Saturdays.worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays with yellow flowers.

Wish you all the best wishes!

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