In this Tamil New Year, Pilava varusham , Jupiter transits to your  3rd  house  up to October 2021 , and after that in the  fourth  place of your Rasi. Saturn transits in the third house,. Ragu transits in your 7 th house i.e. and Ketu transits in the  Rsi itself

Now , the troublesome period of the Sate-Sati is over. This is a favorable transit for you. All the sufferings undergone by you so far will run away from you.

All your deceases will be cured and your health will improve. Your efforts will be materialized. Jobless people will get jobs and those who are in job will get promotions. You will get leadership positions in your town. You will get delicious foods and timely food.  Goddess of Money will smile at you. You will get ‘Rajayogam’ and success in all the matters handled by you, during this 2 and a half year period. You will enjoy vehicle conveniences. Your brothers and sisters will be benefited. You will get the help of your friends. You will have good servants and they will be faithful to you in all matters. Even if you are a coward, you will become brave and have the strength and valor of conquering your enemies.

You will have the blessings to have a child-birth and your children will get all favorable benefits. You will enjoy family life. Your cattle stock will improve. Transit of Saturn in the 3rd house will give all kinds favorable benefits.

For women, this transit of Saturn in your third house will give you relief from all the troubles you have undergone so far. This transit will give you many favorable effects. Troubles came from your husband and his family members will go away and a cordial relationship will arise with your spouse. Your children will obey your words and will bring good name for you. Domestic integrity will flourish. Totally, your house will become a calm and happy place. Some of you will earn good name and get appreciations in the office. You will get salary-hike and you will get a chance to work in a new office. Some of you will get the gift of child-birth. Saturn is the Lord of your ‘child house’ i.e. the 5th house. So, childless persons will get a ‘child’, now. But the transit of Ragu-Ketu causes some confusion between you and your spouse and misunderstandings will come. By this, the intimacy between the couple will be reduced.

This is a favorable period for students, and you will cross over the troublesome period. You will get good marks and get the desirable choice of studies. On seeing your talent, your parents and teachers will appreciate you. This satisfactory condition will prevail for 3 years you can achieve your goals and reach whatever heights you want. You will retain an ideal place in your study-career. But Jupiter’s unfavorable transit in  the  second  half year, will be compensated by Saturn’s favorable transit.

F0e politicians, this transit of Saturn to your 3rd house will make you to achieve tremendous success in your political career. Hindrances prevailing in your career so far will disappear. Those who opposed you and those who criticized you will come and kneel down before you. Or, they will shed down their rival feelings and join with you and fight for your success and progress. Saturn will favor you to catch an ideal place in your political career. You will get money, fame, dignity and honors during this transit. Before these two years, you will do whatever you want to do in your political career.  But you may have to face some hurdles due to the unfavorable  transit of Jupiter, in the second half year..

 Thus, the transit of Saturn in your 3rd house is favorable to you.

In this New Year, Jupiter transits in the third house up to   . Transit of Jupiter in your 3rd house will not be favorable. Your mental courage and boldness will reduce. You will be afraid of taking risks for coming forward. Your own brothers and sisters will oppose you and will take a stand of claiming for the ancestral properties which will go against your interest. You will always receive some sorrowful news and your mind will always be full of worries. You will undergo loss of things, and money, enmity and sad incidents, because of your relatives. Unexpected unhappy incidents and sorrow happenings will come suddenly. Some of you will have life-threats. You will be in trouble if you chose to get bribe in your workplace and lose your respect in the society. You should have a concern over your mother’s health. You will meet problems by the relatives of your mother. There is also a chance for your father’s health getting affected. You will also face problems from the Govt. and the higher officers of Govt. You will also face problems from your higher officers. You will have to meet court cases and have to wander from pillar to post for the court cases. The judgments received will be against your interest. As Jupiter transits favorably, you may go for appeal challenging the unfavorable judgments. Due to the transit of Ragu, you will get troubles from women .Sorrows, loss of money and earning a bad name in the society will be common factors. You will enter into quarrels with your spouse and his/her relatives. You will lose peace of mind in your job or business. You cannot get expected profit. You will be troubled by th e diseases like boils, burns and some other skin decease.

After oct 2021  Jupiter transits in the fourth place . Fourth house, which denotes your ‘Suhasthanam’ So, He may create some hindrance for your health, good sleep, and timely food etc. Take care of your health. B.P. Sugar, Cloistral related deceases may trouble you. If you worship Lord Ganesa, you will be relieved of the diseases.

Money which is expected by you will not come so easily. It will come so belatedly.  Sometimes it may not at all come.  Your expenditure will be double the amount of your income.  Money due to come to you will remain outside. You may not receive it in times of your need. Or it will not come back fully and come in installments which may not solve your problem. Your income may go away for repayment of loans and thus you may not allot the required amount for your family- requirements.  You may also spend your money for repayment of loans in installments. Money will go away from you for repayment of loans in the form of principal and interest. Or you may pay installments for the domestic goods which were purchased before. In this way, you may not have money in your hands for spending for essential needs of your family. Problems of loans which were hidden so far will now come to limelight and trouble you very much chasing away your peace of mind. . Your savings and investments may not help you now. By this way your honesty will be under suspicion. You may pledge the jewels also

In this transit there is no ‘Gurupalam’.  Marriages may not materialize.  Fixed marriages also may be postponed. If marriages are conducted some problems and misunderstandings will develop.  So, better wait for taking up the marriage proposals. There will be differences of opinions between the husband and wife and quarrels cannot be avoided. Family-maintenance, family-expenditures and inadequate finance will create quarrels with the family members. Some of you may get the God’s gift of a child. For some, their children may give worries. Expenditures for them, education-expenditures may come. You may get worries with regard to your children’s harsh behavior, neglecting their important duties, lacking responsibilities and love affairs.

You should avoid unnecessary arguments with anybody to avoid quarrels and the troubles thereby.  Your mind will be in a confused state. You may take wrong decisions. If you intrude in the matters of others it will give you trouble. You may also get troubles from your enemies and your competitors. You may have health problems in your gallbladder, liver and eyes. So, if you have the habit of ‘drinking’ and ‘drugs’ you should give up al least for this year. The health of your spouse may also give you some troubles. You should not give room for misunderstandings with your friends. Otherwise your friends will become enemies. Your business will be dull. Your financial transactions may not be good. Those who got loan from you will not repay the dues. But those who lent you money will chase you for repayment. During this period don’t give promises to anybody in the matters of money. You may not keep up the promises. You may not be in a position to fulfill the needs of your family members. Because of this, differences of opinions will come. You may have to put extra efforts to get success in your matters. You may not be in a position to help your friends and relatives who approach you for your help. So, they may mistake you and leave you.

Some may have the troubles of loans. You may not get adequate income for repaying the loans. Your mind will always be worrying about this. You should avoid giving loans to those who don’t deserve and recommending loans for them from others. You should not send money to others through persons who are not known to you very well. You should take more care especially in the matters of money. Though your children may be in a good position, you may have to suffer to manage the expenditures relating to them. Some of you may find it very difficult to manage the expenditures of the function like marriage. If you give money to anybody in advance for the job opportunity for you or for your son/daughter the matter will not get success besides you may not get back the money

Some of you who wrote Competitive Examinations in Banking and Railways will get good news. The students of Catering and Siddha Medicine and Physiotherapy will be benefited. Some of you working as Cooks in the Hotels will shine. Those who work in Cattle-farms will find a good time.

Employed persons will have overwork in the offices.  You may get unexpected promotions. But your boss will not be happy about you. Some of you may be transferred to far-off places. Your colleagues will give you troubles indirectly. You can get money for your needs out of many efforts. You will face waste expenditures for your house and vehicle. Your social status may diminish. You may not get the help of your friends.

Your father’s health may worry you. You may get troubles from the politicians and Govt. officers. There may be some hindrances and delays in the well-beings of your children. You may also forget the worship of your family-goddess. Some problems arise in your ancestral properties. Your intelligence will not help now. If you perform the worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy, you may not worry. Your troubles will be reduced to a greater extent

Women may have to bear extra responsibilities for which you may struggle to fulfill. Your ill health may trouble you very much. Your family members will be often finding fault with you. Artists may get good chances but you may not be in a position to utilize them properly. New persons may come to help you but you should be extra careful with them.

One of the Jupiter’s aspects falls on your 8th house.  Now you are passing through ‘Genta -Sani’. At that time this Jupiter’s aspect will reduce your troubles to a greater extent. Moreover, by this aspect severe deceases and accidents may be avoided. Jupiter’s another aspect falls on your 10th house. By this aspect jobless people can get job. Your business will give some income. You can get your duties completed.  Jupiter‘s another aspect falls on your 12th house i.e. ‘Viraya Sthanam’.  Due to this, your expenses will increase. Your ability to manage the increased expenses and your financial capacity will go up. You are likely to travel to a far-off place. You may spend money for good causes. Amount of loans given by you to others will come back to you after strenuous efforts.

You should act according to advises of the elders in the family. Your focus will be on self-contentedness instead of self-awareness.

Ragu transits to Rishaba Rasi and Ketu transits to your Jenma Rasi. Due to the transit of Ragu in the 7th house, marriage proposals may suffer some setbacks or they may be delayed. You should take extra care in the health of your spouse. Your spouse may have to suffer due to blood related deceases, poison related deceases and allergy. You will have the friendship of characterless women and their friendship, by giving importance to petty matters. Relationship between the husband and wife will not be so good.

At the same time, your mental strength will increase. You will have the courage of facing any sort of difficulties.  But you will have confusion at the time of taking a decision.

You will have new friends. Among those friends, other-religion people will come to your help. But you should be very careful and should have a deep thought before joining them with you in your business. At the same time when new friends come to you, some of your old friends will leave you.

Partnership business will flourish. New business can also be started. Even if your partners leave you, you can get new partners. You will get unexpected income.  Some will invite changes in their business. You may have to undergo outstation tours. Those who are working in the offices will have all kinds of benefits and happiness. You are likely to be transferred from one place to another

All your financial problems will go away and your speech will bring success. Your talented conversation with others will attract them and bring success as expected by you. Your necessities and your requirements will be fulfilled. All the domestic requirements will be fulfilled. You will please your family members, giving them new clothes and ornaments. You will welcome your relatives and friends and treat them well .they will love you.  You will have unnecessary expenditures for your vehicles. You will have misunderstandings with your brothers and sisters.

Those who are in public life should be extra careful, because you will be severely criticized by others and suffer disrespect.

Ragu will give unexpected income in abundance but at one stage he will take back everything. So, always ensure care and safety measures.

Ketu transits in your Jenma Rasi and his transit will increase your name, fame, talent, skill and what not.  Your social status and popularity will improve. You will evince interest in the spiritual activities. Some may develop interest in the arts of astrology, hypnotism etc., if Ragu-Ketu Dhasa Bukthis are running in your horoscope. You should never resort to ulterior motives. You will learn Astrology and other arts for the sake of learning. If you adopt truth and honesty, you will gain popularity, name and fame.  You can read the minds of others. Your name and fame will be shared by your spouse. You will have a cordial life with your counterpart. You can start new business or an institute in the name of your wife/husband.  You will get assistance from your brothers and sisters. Some will get jobs abroad.

Some will have problems due to shortage of money. You may lose your honesty in the money matters. You should avoid signing as surety to others. The behavior of your children will worry you. Your mind will always be worrying for any matter. . You will have unnecessary fears in your mind. You will have thoughts which are not necessary for the situation.

You should take care of your health. You will have heat related deceases. You may have boils, injuries allergy and skin deceases. You will have some setbacks in your business and thereby developmental worries. Students, however intelligent they may be, there may be chances in getting diversion from your studies. Your talent may not help you now. You should be careful in all the matters.  You should also be careful while dealing with electricity, weapons and poison. There are also chances of losing your mental strength.  Care is required in all the matters.

This New Year will be a mixture of good and bad. With your presence of mind, you will overcome everything. Wish you a happy new year!

Remedial measures:

Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy and light the lamp of ghee; and also offer garlands of yellow flowers a.Worship Lord Vinayaga and clean His temple. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi with red roses.


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