Lower back pain is important in the problems of back one cannot avoid lower back pain in his life time at any one time. Lower back pain ranks 2nd, out of all the pains suffered by those who crossed 40 lower back pain is the symptom of a disease, like fever is the symptom of any disease. Thus, lower back pain is not a disease by itself. There are many reasons for this pain.  Problems arising in the Bones, muscles and tendon are the prime reasons for the lower back pain.

Sometimes, due to the problems in the stomach pain may come in the lower back. For example, those who have stone in the kidney, pain starts in the lower back and goes to the front side of the stomach.  For the ladies having the problem of white discharge, pain starts first in the lower back. There may be 90% problems in the back bone, for the back pain. The remaining 10% problems may be in the stomach.  Sitting in the bending position, situation of sitting in front of the computer continuously,  due the nature of work ,travelling in the two wheeler daily for a long distance, travelling in the roads having ups and downs, carrying over weights  absence of body exercises, , inadequacy of nutrients , slipping and falling down ,jumping from higher place , bending down suddenly and  turning suddenly  are the reasons for increase of  pressure in the  gap of the backbone , pain arises in the lower back. Due to the problem of ‘Aasteomylittis, Spondulettis and tuberclosis, pain comes in the lower back.  Accidents by the vehicles and by sports m bones may break and this pain may come.    Some may have the path of backbone may be narrow in the birth itself and they may have this pain in the younger stage itself. Tumor or cancer in the backbone may cause this pain. Pregnancy, wounds by accidents, muscle- twist, tendon pain, and depression and diabetic may be the reasons for this pain.    This pain gives trouble in the old age also old age problem in the disc between the backbones is the reason for this pain.

If you throw the new ball on the floor, it will jump and come up.  In due course, the quality of the ball’s coming up will slow down. Adjusting with the shocks is reducing in the old age and that is why, pain comes in the lower back.

Calcium is necessary for the strength of the bones and health.  In the old age, there will be depreciation of calcium and bones become weak .this  is a disease called as ‘osteoporosis’, . this causes pain in the lower back.



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