covid 19

  • If you take unhealthy food which is without nutrition, and fast foods, your immunity power will go down. If you eat more carbohydrate food, you will lose secretion of insulin Harmon. It will cause swelling in your inner organ, and reduce your immunity.
  •  You should take foods enriched with protein daily.  In the non-veg foods like Fish, egg, chicken and mutton contain more protein.  In the vegetarian foods like, milk, all dal varieties and mushrooms,   adequate protein is available.  If they are in your food, you can get the required   protein. Nuts like groundnuts, walnuts and cakes, sesame, cucumber seeds,  pumpkin seeds, grams, groundnut oil , jingly oil contain good cholesterol. Your immunity will develop, if you use it in your food daily.
  •  Body exercises: Those who do not fail to exercise daily, will not have diseases very easily. Any infection, including ‘covid-19’ will not affect easily. Even if any infection attacks, it can be cured easily.
  •  Relaxation: those who are under negative mental feelings like mental depression, tension, palpitation and sad mood, their immunity power will automatically go down.  It is necessary to maintain calm state of mind.  There are ways like meditation, yoga, pranayama, reading books and hearing music. One can select one of the possible ways daily and indulge at particular duration.
  • Sleeping: reason should not be searched for not sleeping. It is necessary to sleep 6 or 8 hours a day.  There is no meaning to sleep in any 8 hours. By this, the ‘biological clock’ will be affected. It would be correct if one goes to sleep at 11’o clock, gets up at 6 ‘clock in the morning and do excercises.  It is compulsory to sleep for 7 hours daily. if one sleeps below 6 hours and more than 8 hours like, 10 hours or 12 hours, immunity power will reduce.
  • Diabetic: those who have  long term diseases like sugar problem, high blood pressure , over cola sterol and asthma, should take medicines, without fail  as per doctor’s advice and keep the problems under control.

If the long term diseases are under control, no infection like ‘covid-19’ will not affect.




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