•  TheSEPARATE OXYGEN SET UPre is a separate oxygen set up for the pilots to breathe: in the commercial flights:  the pilots breathe the oxygen got from the machines   installed for preparing oxygen. At the time of emergencies, the air service organizations provide the oxygen cylinders for the passengers. The delta airline services of America provide the oxygen cylinders for emergencies on free of charge. if air pressure is reduced  in the cabin of passengers oxygen masks come immediately . Passengers can use this for 15 minutes.
  •  When going up, giddiness and headache attack, because of the shortage of oxygen:  even at that time, there is oxygen in the body. But in the environment high places, its molecules expand. Therefore it gets delayed for the body to accept it and getting ready to use it.   So, symptoms like headache and giddiness comes.  In the aircrafts which fly high in the sky air pressure is maintained carefully.  By this, oxygen required for the passengers can be got   they do not suffer due to health disorder, till the journey is completed.
  • Bodies can be dissolved by acid easily:  dissolving bodies by acids is screened in the movies and in the television series. The dead body of a person can be dissolved by the hydrochloric acid.   But this function takes place in many weeks. In 2013, a man of Australian killed his wife and tried to dissolve the body in the acid. But out of suspicion, police went to search in the  sewer of his house  and he was caught by the police as teeth were  seen , without dissolving in the acid heating Sodium Hydroxide (NaoH) to its peak boiling point  and putting the parts of the body in it, they dissolve in a few hours. This process of dissolving the bodies is called as ‘Bio cremation’ in America.
  • Smartphone collects the information about us:  from 8 to 12 censors are fixed in the Smartphone. These depend upon the movement, condition and the outward circumstances. Camera is necessary for the structure of QR Scanner. The movement censors help for the Sports Apps. Sound censor is necessary for the improvement of camera movement.
  •  In the phones prepared for a particular need, more number of censors is fixed. These are necessary for the movement of the phone and the apps installed in it. Collecting the information can be prevented if the clearances are carefully watched.

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