Entrepreneurs of the three institutions known as Jef Benocin Blue Origin, Elan Muskin Space X, and Richard Fransan’s Virgin Calaktic have done a tremendous record break. They have proved that not only the astronauts but also people can be sent to the space. There are chances for the space tourism becoming an important business.

Due to the space tourism, climatic conditions change.  The senior Prof. Dr. Smith Iravel of the New South Vales University said that there is chance for reduction of the measure of Ozone in the Stratosphere layer.

Ecologists are of the view that when four persons or more than that go to space, there the measure of carbon-di-oxide increases. Virgin Organization use cheap rated engines for the space tour. Liquid and solid fuels are used in it. This method, though gives profit to the organization, the vulnerability of the environment would be much.

Places are going to be created for the spaceport in the earth circuit path.  Prof. Annette Toyvonen of the Science Department of Finland Haga Helia University expresses that  if this work  is done, the measure of carbon will increase.

Till now, no laws have been created for the Pollution Control for the space tourism. After their creation and if they are followed by the Space Organizations, the vulnerability of the environment will decrease.



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