punishments of world countries

  • There is no permission to cut the cactus plants in the Arizona district in North America.
  • In Thailand, one should not drive vehicles with bear chest and without wearing shirt. In Australia, there is no permission to catch doves and kill them. If violated, there is a fine of Rs. 6000/-
  • In Switzerland,. One who stays in the upstairs should not clean the toilets after 10pm at night. If those who stay in the ground floor complain, it is sure of getting punishment.
  • In Kenya and in Arab countries, if one enter in quarrelling and threatening. It is   certain to receive punishment.
  •  In South America, air is polluted for the past many years. As a solution, , in any one of the Saturday, in a month , vehicles should not be operated.

It is crime in Sri Lanka, selfie should not be taken and one should not tattoo  Lord Buddhain hands.

In Madagaskar, women should not wera hat on the head.

In America, one gets punishment if he palys  play the gambling play called as ‘Pinko’ more than 5 hours.

In Egypt, one gets punishment, if he fails to exercise franchise. men should not dance Belli Dance.

In France,  it is a crime a to keep sh-tray  nearby, during lorry driving. In trains, men and women should not kiss each other. In the station, before train comes, in the place reserved for vehicles, they can kiss.  Besides, pigs can be brought up as pets. But is a crime to name them with the leaders of the country.

In Germany, fuel should not be exhausted during driving in the highways. If the vehicle stops due to lack of fuel, there is punishment.

In Sudan, if a girl is raped, she will be killed in the middle of the street.  Only after that, one who rapped gets punishment.

In Turkey , spoling the currency notes will be considered as a crime equivalent to spoiling of the national flag  and punishment is awarded.

Moroko , was once a country  next to America , which use Plastics . now punishment is awarded , if plastic is used  uin Ruvanta, if plastic is used violating the ban , punishment of 6 months punishment is awarded  and in Kenya, a fine of 2 lacs is imposed or 4 years imprisonment is awarded.

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