neem leavesinsects

  • If dry chilies or neem leaves are mixed with the dal varieties, insects will not come.
  • If coriander seeds are fried in a heated pan,  and stored, it  will be preserved for months together.
  •  If seeds and the fibers are removed from tamarind and mixed with the crystal salts and stored in the jars it can be preserved for many more days.
  • If rice is to be stored for a long time, some pieces of acorns and neem leaves are mixed with it, insects will not come.
  • Bengal gram and moon dals are fried slightly without oil, and stored, insects will not come.
  • Before spreading the papers on the shelf plates, put the neem leaves under the papers so that I cockroaches and the ants will not come.
  • If oil is applied on the eggs, they will be in good condition, even if they are not put inside the fridge.


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