coconut burbi

When you prepare ‘coconut burbi ‘, soaked groundnuts should be added with coconut duly ground. It will be tastier

  • When you prepareked groundnuts should be added with coconut duly ground. It will be tastier.
  • When you prepare’ murukku , ‘only the flour required at a time should be mixed with water, so that  the ‘murukku’ will not become reddish.
  •  Soak sago for 2 hours. Grind in the mixi and mix it with the halva mix, halva will be tasty and look like glass.
  •  Of you do ‘thirattup paal’ in a non-stick pan, milk will not overflow and there may not be necessity to stir often. It will not stick on to the edges thirattup paal can be got more.
  • Fry the wheat flour, dissolve in water, boil and stir nonstop. Add sugar, fried cashew with ghee and cardamom powder    and stir nonstop. Then after ir becomes as halva,  change to a ghee coated plate  and spread  . Tasty halva is ready.
  • When you prepare, murukku’ reduce gram flour and add peanut powder. Murukku will be  crispy.
  •  When you prepare moong dal – balls and malaadu, add ¼ measure of health mix, it will be tasty.
  • When you prepare laddu, add ‘balkova; and prepare. It will be tasty and soft.
  • When you prepare ‘pOLi prepare it on the backside of the banana leave and it will not tear.
  • Put bajji flour in the mixi and grind and prepare bajji. Bajji will be soft and bulky.
  •  Mix curd with the babusha flour. It will be soft.
  • when you prepare ‘mysore bahu’ , mix 2 times of moong dal flour and one time gram dal flour. Nysore bahu will be tasty and it will dissolve in the mouth.
  • When you prepare ‘seedai’, prick the flour balls with a needle and put them in the oil. it will not burst.
  • When you prepare ‘thattai’, grind pepper as one or two and add. Then ‘thattai’ will be  with smell. Put’globe jamoon’ in the syrup after ti is cooled. Then it will not break.



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