There are two kinds of kidney problems. They are (1) problems occurred recently and (2) chronic kidney problems.

There are various reasons for the chronic kidney problems. One of the reasons is the sugar problem. Uncontrolled blood sugar affects many organs and affects the kidney more.

Second one is that high blood pressure. This is also to be kept under control, like blood sugar. If there is sugar problem and high blood pressure, medicines, diet control and regular exercises are necessary for keeping them normally.

70% of the patients of chronic kidney problems, two factors like sugar problem and high blood pressure affect the kidneys. Other 30% are affected by other reasons.

One can easily keep the sugar and the high blood pressure under control. They can be prevented totally. Then only one can escape from the kidney problems only if this done, you can get relief from the kidney problems.

There is no permanent medical cure for the chronic kidney problems.   If the level of blood sugar and the high blood pressure is more continuously, day by day kidneys will be affected very badly. You can try for the seriousness of the problem but cannot totally cure it.

Last 25 years ago, if chronic kidney problem affects, there will be compulsorily dialysis has to be done in the next one year. There was a condition for the patients that they can live only for the next 2 years.

Now there was no such condition.  There is not any compulsion also for dialysis. Even after the problem comes, kidney problems can be kept under control for the next 15 years.


If symptoms like Swelling of the legs, swelling of the face, occurrence of froth like substance in the urine, breathing trouble, tiredness and  anorexia are available continuously for 3 months may indicate kidney problem. If a necessity arises for dialysis, one can live normally, with dialysis continuously for many years.

At present, there is no fear that the other organs will be affected, if dialysis is done and also that there is also no fear that dialysis is the last stage of the life.

There are many persons who lead normal life for many years, even after this treatment.   Dialysis is done after the kidneys are totally deactivated.  However if it is accepted without any fatigue that dialysis is a painful and expensive treatment, there will not be any problem.

Qualified treatment is the one which has to be done thrice a week in the life time. An amount of Rs.40,000 pm has to be spent  not only in our country, but also in the developed countries also, it is impossible to give  this treatment freely.  If there is medical insurance, there will not be any problem.

The other side also has to be understood.  Dialysis is not a panacea. It cannot be assured that heart problem and brain problems will not come.

If there is sugar problem, all other organs in the body may be affected. Dialysis treatment is the one for the spam kidneys.  After dialysis, one can lead a normal life for 18 years, provided that the other organs are in good condition. If heart attack comes for those who underwent dialysis, it was not due to dialysis. Heart would have been spam for the chronic kidney problems.  There is a wrong presumption that dialysis causes heart attack, if it comes within a short period of dialysis. Heart attack comes due to the bloc in the heart. Bloc will not come in a few years in the heart valves.

If sugar problems is a prolonging for many years and bloc might have come slowly in the blood vessel from the starting day of the sugar problem.  At times, it would be without any symptom and  it will come out after the kidneys totally fail.

Therefore, if you have sugar problem and blood pressure it is advisable to have annual medical checkup. If you go for consultation after symptoms come, it may not be possible to set right the problem totally.


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