There are two kinds of Immunity. Due to the common immunity known as ‘Indate’, if germs like virus and bacteria enter into our body, they can be evacuated without any problem

Next, when the immunity known as ‘adoptive’ body cleans by itself tries to kill the particular germ, it creates the required opposing germs. Immunity is necessary for this.


YOGA: To balance the metabolism, Yoga is considered as the best for increasing the immunity in the natural way,  increasing  the body as well as mental strength, fighting against the pandemic disease, developing symmetrical hormone activity and  for reducing the stress and similar other activities .

SUNLIGHT: natural light is like the key for the body. Only if the sunlight falls on the body, other activities will go on, in a healthy manner. For getting Vitamin-D for producing the ‘anti oxidant’ and to keep the immunity stable in the body, sunlight is the only way.

Those who have deficiency of Vitamin-D were mostly affected by breathing –infection. There is no necessity for buying sunlight by giving money.  It is very simple if you come out of the house.  It is enough, if you expose yourself in the sunlight for 15 minutes.  You can get the required immunity.

MEDITATION:  meditation is known as breathing exercise. When are born, we inhale by crying and we exhale breathe, when we die. In the intervening period, we do not listen to the breathing exercise.

If we breathe by listening, the chronic mental stress will be rectified gradually.

For reducing the immunity, mental stress is the only reason. If you have mental stress for a minute, your immunity goes down for 2 hours and the relative activity starts in your body.

If you do breathing exercise, secretion of the hormone known as ‘corticol’ reduces and hormone known as ‘endople secrets more and creates more immunity.


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