கல் வைத்த கம்மல்

1. For cleaning oil in the stone –stead, keep it front side down in a white cloth and keep it in the idly vessel in the steam for 15 minutes, the entire oil substance will come down in the white cloth.  The jewel will shine.

2. If golden jewels are dirty, apply tooth paste and brush it with a brush, dirt will be removed and shine like a new jewel.

3. if two glass tumblers join and not able to be separated , keep the bottom tumbler in hot water,  pour cold water in the upper tumbler and pull the upper tumbler after some time, it would come out easily.

  1. Take pieces of fire in the censer stand and put clove powder on it. The smoke will drive away flies.

5. While preparing fried rice of veg briyani, add boiled corn pieces in it. It gives good look, and tasty to eat.

6. While preparing coconut rice and lemon rice, add powder of fried dry curd-chilli .the rice will be tasty.

7. Fry cumin seeds and pepper, grind it. Sauté 5 small onions duly cut, add salt and mix the rice. Jeera rice is ready.

8. Cook ¼ kg potatoes in a cooker, peel off the skin and make it as mashed potatoes

Add with id 2 cups of tomato juice and boil it till it dries as a paste. Add coriander leaves, pepper powder and salt. This will be a good side-dish for chappathi.





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